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EDiM2 – a New Year’s Resolution

This year I didn’t do any New Year’s resolutions. I wasn’t stuck for something to draw though. I have an ongoing resolution to swim 1km three times a week. It’s been going two and a half years now and I don’t miss very often.

In the winter there is pretty often a damp bathing suit hanging around somewhere. I haven’t sketched this one before, though I did an older one back in 2009. The poor old blue tiger has gone now, but it was at least seven years old.. This style is called Zena and it is a silver grey. I have a black one the same and I love them. I want a red one, but they haven’t made red in my size yet. My bathing suits come from Sue Rice, and as you see she makes for all shapes and sizes.  I have a long body and can’t buy off the rack. Now I am past the age of wearing bikinis, if it wasn’t for Sue Rice it would be skinnydipping. Chlorine resistant too. I’m a big fan of Sue Rice.

Graphite pencil.


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