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Viral Spiral Artist’s Book

Back in January I did the Strathmore Online Workshop with Traci Bautista. I started this artist’s book during lesson one of Doodles Unleashed. Although doodling isn’t altogether my thing, when I doodle I usually do swirls  of some sort.  This time I decided on spirals. I had bought a sheet of beautiful green spiral paper and I wanted to use it to inspire an artist’s book.  You can see the paper and my first steps in this post.

I divided one large sheet of mixed media paper into three long strips and worked on each of those consecutively. The steps I used in decorating the pages went like this:

  1. Spray paper through stencils or around objects using watercolour
  2. Paint acrylic spirals
  3. Swirl on a bit of pink watercolour
  4. Many doodlings with Prismacolour pencils in greens yellows and pinks
  5. More doodling with black ink with a pen and nib.

At this point I cut my three long strips into six shorter strips & my page spreads were done. After a visit to the art shop I decided to use a deep yellow paper to join them all at the foredge . That done, I was able to bind the whole thing into its intended shape – a concertina book with hard covers. Then I got to the fun part. I had decided to add some yellow pop-ups to make the borders. However when they were on I decided it needs MORE. So I added also pink and green spiral pop-ups.

It’s very busy, but it’s cheerful and it’s fun. Very different to the sort of well-researched book with a story that I usually do. Watch for more books with pop-ups. I’m investigating them. I’ve got a wonderful book that I’m working through pop-up by pop-up.

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A spiral page spread

This is a two-page spread for what will be my spiral doodle artist’s book, probably called ‘Viral Spiral’. On top of what you saw in previous posts I ahve done the Prismacolour pencils, then black ink with a pen and nib.  My three long strips of paper have been cut into 6 of these. They will be joined at the foredge into a concertina using coloured paper. Not sure what colour yet. I couldn’t get the green of the cover paper, so I bought á few’colours  so that when I get a little further on, I can maybe proceed even if it is bucketing rain & too wet to bring paper home from the art shop.

I have been experimenting with spiral pop-ups. They look great and there is an infinite variety of what you can do with them according to how you place them, so I have to experiment some more. I haven’t decided yet whether to use bright Mi-teintes paper (or similar) or whether to paint two-sided paper so that you get the two colours as it spirals. And will I write words on the page, or on the spiral? All this needs a test run.

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