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Lane Cove River

Last Wednesday I was out on the harbour again. This time we went across the harbour and up the Lane Cove River.  We were in a tiny boat this time, the Protex. It is a motor launch that used to take factory workers to the soap factory and was called the soap boat.  There were only 15 of us on board, including the captain. It was a rainy day but that didn’t spoil it. We encountered a few showers, but we didn’t get wet. Up the river it was calm and peaceful and the overcast skies made the saturated green colours of the river all the more beautiful. We had a barbecue in the Lane Cove National Park before returning.

Although the Protex only goes at 6 knots, drawing on the move is always challenging. On previous boat trips I’ve drawn with pencil then added the colour at home.  As I’m currently experimenting with materials,this time I took coloured pencils and they proved to be perfect for on the water. When I drew the river scenes, I started by drawing a buoy, then I picked out features of the riverbank and scribbled them in then drew the water last. Then out with the waterbrush and I’m finished.

I used a Derwent Blue Grey watercolour pencil. It was recommended by Cathy (Kate) Johnson, and it is the most useful colour.  The crane is drawn in only that colour. I used to draw more complicated things in pencil before inking them in. Silly me. Now I take by Derwent Blue Grey watercolour and a Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna. I use the blue grey for cool drawings and the ochre for warm drawings. In this drawing  I used both.

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