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Solar printing with Robyn & Annie

Last year when Robyn (Have Dogs Will travel) was visiting Sydney from Italy, we met up near the Maritime Museum and talked our heads off. As well as sketching, we have printmaking and artist’s books in common.

Robyn has been here again and last Thursday we had a solar plate printmaking day at Annie’s place, as she has her own press. Solar plates, of course, are supposed to be exposed in the sun. It bucketed down all day Wednesday and was gray, sprinkling and miserable on Thursday early. However as we got to Annie’s place the sun came peeking out. Robyn had a drawing ready on architect’s film, so we got her to expose her plate right away before it rained again. My drawing of the White Bay Power Station was also ready, so I got Robyn to expose that plate for me too as practice. After we do all the bits and pieces to our plates, we have to leave them out in the ‘sun’ for an hour. No sun, but we left them out there anyway.  While they were ‘cooking’  Annie exposed a plate too.

While we waited we did some printing of existing plates. I did one of my gymea lily for Robyn to take home. I just inked the flowers in red and the rest in green. Worked well.

While our first plates were cooking we had to rescue them from tiny sprinkles of rain. They marked the plates, but strangely don’t show on the prints. The sun was out (coming & going) as well, so it was impossible to tell if it was raining. After lunch, I took a chair outside & became ‘rain monitor’.

I exposed my Trocadero print in the afternoon and managed to get a print of each new plate. Robyn prepared another drawing, made a plate and printed that. Solar plate etching is coming to Tuscany.


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Trocadero again

Yesterday was supposed to rain all afternoon, so we got out fairly early to the coffee shop opposite the Trocadero. It is such a beautiful building.  I drew it a couple of weeks ago in my tiny Fabriano sketchbook that I really find too restrictive. I wanted to draw this whole centre area. Unfortunately they’ve painted it two shades of cream, both quite bland but one a little more pink. Once I’d got the colours on I realised that to do what the drawings needed, I had to beef up the colours a bit. Much happier when I’d done that.

What a shame when they restored the building they didn’t paint it with a bit more pizzazz. It looked more interesting, though a bit sad and forlorn before they painted it. See the 2001 photograph on this page. I am left wondering if there are any early drawings of it with colour so that we would know how it was painted in it’s heyday.

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