Pouring paint

Poured paintingThis last week or two, we’ve been pouring paint. Two weeks ago, one of the students in my acrylics class at the evening college found something in one of my books that she liked. The book is called Masterclass in Water Media by Edward H Betts. It appears to be out of print now, but is well worth buying if you can get your hands on it. The object of interest was a whole chapter about “Painting without a Brush”. The student at the Evening College fell in love with one of his paintings, and decided to have a go at his techniques. I read the chapter (a lot of information, read slowly over two breakfasts) and then decided to prep a canvas myself.
The following week we were all pouring – well, OK , that’s an exaggeration, but there was a lot of paint flying around.
We all got a bit excited. I – who should know better – mixed my paint with water in a paper cup, to prepare to pour. When you mix acrylic paint with water, you dilute the binder. Paint is really only binder and pigment, and pigments are often a powder, so the paint becomes less stable.
Later in the week, I was having a discussion about ‘innovative’ ways of using paint, with the chemist at an acrylic paint company. She told me that another effect of too much watering-down, is that the water affects the way the pigment is coated, & that changes the appearance of the paint.
So, Pour Two, I used acrylic painting medium. You should see the difference! The colours are so rich and lush. My painting is a perfect example of the improvement that happens when you use the right medium.


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7 responses to “Pouring paint

  1. lvsblog

    What fun! I tend to be a pretty structured artist about 80% of the time. Then that other 20% of the time I like to turn things upside down from a very different perspective or do something very free form. This project really appealed to me. Structured chaos, well I am assuming there was structure in the preparation if it required two breakfast readings!

  2. THis is great. so glad i found your blog! I did bubble painting with acrylic, detergent and water to create backgrounds and was really happy with the way it turned out. You can see two ATC’s I did with these backgrounds at
    http://neatcs.wordpress.com/ — the ones called Sisters and Woops. I always seal my ATC’s with Mod Podge (It’s almost a trademark with me now), and while I was working with the bare background, the paint looked very powdery but was very stable.

  3. I really like your result here! This would be a fun one to try for people like me who can’t paint real scenes ;)


  4. Wendy! This looks like so much fun! beautiful results… I love it and hope to give it a go, thanks for the info!

  5. sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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