Drawing from Imagination

I want to show you the drawings I did from my new book, Drawing with Imagination, by Bert Dodson. I’m really delighted with this book. For ages I could only find drawing books that bored me – and now I have three that I LOVE and that cover different areas of drawing.  Danny Gregory’s The Creative License is about drawing from the visual world, and I’ve written about that book in more detail in this post. The other one of the three which I have also written about, is Fast Sketching Techniques. Now I’m happy. But if YOU have a drawing book that I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear about it.

My new book “Drawing from the Imagination”, starts with doodles. Anyone can do that! Throughout the book, there are constant exercises, and plenty of examples to illustrate some options for you. The first exercise was to do six doodles. I’ve combined three of mine.  By doing a number of drawings of the same type, I find that I’m constantly making decisions about balance and composition, among other things. I’m already longing to get into colour, but I’ve restrained myself so far. As well as just doing the exercises, Dodson encourages the artist to innovate, and to build on the innovation.

The second group of exercises is some more complex doodles. I’m working on those now.  You musn’t imagine, even for a minute, that this book is just about doodling. Not at all. That’s just to get you started. From there, you go on to all manner of interesting drawings. Imaginary figures, for example.  I can’t wait to move on, but I’m just taking it easy and doing the simple exercises first, to get the most out of the book. I think it’s got a lot to teach me.

The last drawing, I did last night in front of the television.  It’s the first drawing of exercise 2. That’s one terrific thing about drawing from the imagination. It comes from inside your head, so you don’t have to look at what you’re drawing. 


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13 responses to “Drawing from Imagination

  1. I must get my act together and buy the Danny Gregory book and now there’s this new one with the doodling. I spend hours doodling (when I should be doing heaps of necessary things) , and maybe this new book would lead me on a bit further. Thanks for all the inspiration you send out, I enjoy your posts.

  2. Meinhild (inselfan54)

    I also bought the book a year ago and very recently the two books by Danny Gregory. I did not yet really into the Dobson book and now I started ready the two books I just got. Hopefully I’ll have some more time to work with all three books this summer.
    I do like your doodles. My fav is the third one that looks like animal fur.

  3. Wow! love the doodles and can’t wait to see what you are doing next. I hae to look for that book next time I’m at the bookstore. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ann

    Sounds like a great book and your drawings are very inspiring.

  5. i bought that book with a michaels coupon…its really a neat book isnt it…have you bought any soldiers to melt yet:>

  6. Really like the doodles. I must say mine never look quite this cool ;)


  7. I didn’t realize you had moved your website! Cool doodles!!! That’s something I always loved to do!

  8. Sandy

    Your drawings are very, very interesting and well done. You almost make me want to buy the book because it looks like it would be a lot of fun. No wonder I having seen you around lately – you’ve been busy, my friend. ;)

  9. I bought this great book, but you’ve put it to much more inspired use.

    I’ve just shared a couple of blogging awards with you, Wendy. Will understand if you don’t have time to participate.

  10. Lee

    I took a ride on the link to Danny Gregory and enjoyed it very much, I wish I could remember how to save favourites because I would have marked him on my list, your new book is great and producing great results,giving you a lot of freedom,thanx for the visit, did you prove me wrong on anything?
    You are doing much better at keeping up to date than I , it was just the shot in the arm I needed , off to update!

  11. hidden

    Great stuff. Thank you.

  12. Annie McMahon

    I keep meaning to buy this book, great book and great doodles.

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