Danny’s Gregory’s Books

I got Danny Gregory’s new book recently. If you follow that link, you can see a movie of it. That made ME buy it.  It is  amaaaaaaa-a-a-zing. I’m a great fan of Danny’s book. Creative License, The: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are I lent that book to a friend overnight on the 19th October. She asked for an extension. I just got it back around Christmas, and of course by that time her copy has arrived from Amazon.

Recently I have been taking ‘The Creative License’ to my ‘Painting in Acrylics class to show the students. One and all they love it.  Danny’s sense of humour seems to fit with the Australian sensibility. And you can’t buy it here! That’s crazy. Still, many of them have been ordering it on line from amazon.com. Nevertheless, if I had a great bunch of them, I bet I would sell them(they would sell themselves).

I called ‘The Art Scene’, a large art shop and wholesaler to ask if they could get it in. I also recommend Mary Todd Beam’s book, Celebrate Your Creative Self because that’s a great one for acrylic techniques. You’d need many lifetimes to try all those techniques. Last time I was in The Art Scene they had a huge pile of them, so I called them & explained I was the one sending people to buy it, and could they get Danny’s book in please. They told me that they can’t. This seems a dreadful shame. That books makes all other drawing books seem like text-books. Maybe Danny will see this post and talk to his publisher.

Watch this space soon for a review of the new book – An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers If you draw, you need it.

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  1. Danny’s books are great. If you like drawing you will love Urbansketchers.com. Gabi Campanerio, an artist with the Seattle Times runs this wonderful site that has contributor artists from all over the world. Enjoy!
    Don McNulty
    Coquitlam BC Canada

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