Drawing my books

booksI always have a big pile of books (or two) beside my bed.  Inspired by this drawing, and again, in search of inspiration for the ‘journal challenge’ I drew some of my books. I was on a ‘B’ page of my altered book of dreams, so I left the original text about the meaning of a dream about books.

See the third book down – the biography of Patrick White written by David Marr?  Two nights ago I went to a this talk at COFA, and heard that David Marr keeps his piles of books in his lounge rather than his bedroom. It was a very interesting talk for many reasons. There was one philanthropist, one writer (David Marr) and one collector, speaking on the subject of ‘Why Art Matters’. I went along because David Marr was going to be there. Last year I heard him speak about the Henson case about which he has written a book. He is so intelligent, knowledgeable and witty.

Question time was particularly illuminating. A question was asked whether art for an upcoming art festival should be written about in ‘academic language’ or whether it should be in ‘plain language’ so that the punters could read it. It’s good to know that such esteemed and highly educated people as the speakers share my loathing of artspeak.

I’m not sure, but it’s possible that this talk may later be found on COFA Online

My drawing was done in a big rush with an Artline pen over Gesso, with Tombow pens for the colour, and watercolour crayons for the background.


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2 responses to “Drawing my books

  1. AutumnLeaves

    Love the way this journal is coming together…As well as your thoughts as you go along. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I got here from Facebook, I really enjoyed the “drawing my books” posting. As I write this I am listening to the discussion Why Art Matters. Thank you for the link. Your work is very good. I very much enjoy visiting your blog and facebook pages.

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