Organised chaos – Kitchen Sink

Organised chaos(today’s challenge) is the kitchen bench waiting for me to do the dishes. The breakfast dishes are in the sink,. but the coffee pot and the plastics are still on the bench. I couldn’t finish the dishes until I had captured the way the light was falling on the things on the bench. The red plastic dishes are the cats’ dishes. The green ginger jar holds my teabags. I finally did the dishes and rushed out to see the Archibald Prize exhibition.


Filed under Copic Multiliner, drawing, EDiM, journal, sketching, watercolour

5 responses to “Organised chaos – Kitchen Sink

  1. Ooh, I think I love that decorative tile you have going around just above the backsplash. A great little drawing, Wendy!

  2. prettyartybuildings

    I really like this. I think drawing dishes beats washign them anytime ;-)

  3. My kitchen sink is a lot messier than this ! The red dishes really dominate the scene and is balanced by all the green tones – lovely

  4. Great drawings!!! This one made me smile…I think kitchens look better with a little clutter. It shows there is life! lol

  5. Chaos never looked so interesting.

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