27th Sketchcrawl

FerryWe’d planned for some time to go to The Rocks for this sketchcrawl. Then it was announced that Jessica Watson was arriving and there were special events clearways and what-all. I decided to go down there early while I could get on a bus. It was a sunny autumn day and I found a bench where I could sit and draw this Harbour Ferry – something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Quite a few of the others arrived around nine, so we had a coffee at Rossini’s and proceeded to The Rocks to find things to draw.

Manic Mansions

This is just one of many staircases in this old apartment building. A passer-by told us that it was originally built for the workers who built Sydney Harbour Bridge (opened 1932).It is known locally as Manic Mansions as it is a Housing Commission building and according to our informant the tenantry are the type who throw fridges down the stairs in the night. The noise coming from someone’s radio was certainly challenging.

Nurses WalkWe had lunch at the usual French courtyard place, then walked around trying to find a spot where the light was right. This place at Nurses Walk from Harrington Street I chose because of the interesting shadows on the face of the building.

After that drawing we were exhausted so we headed home via Nurses walk, but got side-tracked just by the second bush, – a back entrance to Phillip’s Foote – well-known Sydney watering hole that I hadn’t visited for a very long time.

And please note, I painted TWO trees for Every Day in May.

Phillip's Foote


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4 responses to “27th Sketchcrawl

  1. Gosh, Wendy. These are all fabulous little paintings in your sketch book! I do love the shadows on the building on Nurse Walk!

  2. Your sketchcrawl paintings are wonderful! I love the colors.

  3. caseytoussaint

    These are wonderful, Wendy – and what fun to follow you around Sydney!

  4. They are so beautiful!! I love the sunny colors

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