28th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

For the 28th sketchcrawl  we were drawing in the Asian Gallery at the Art Gallery of NSW due to a totally wet Sydney. The rain had stopped by 10am but everything was soaked. There were four sketchcrawlers.
Borromini Bear is with Urban Sketchers in Portland Oregon, so I had to draw FAST to make up for that. She’s usually the most prolific.  I put on my timer in my phone and all my drawings took about 15 minutes. One time the timer alarm went off and workmen who were in the gallery but just out of sight said ‘what’s THAT”.  I think they thought they were going to have to evacuate.Buddhas - 28 th Sketchcrawl

We went to the Asian Gallery first so that any latecomers could meet up with us there. However there was so much to draw that we just continued there. The pinkish statue on the right reminded me of Percy who is an art school friend. I was very surprised that it was from Vietnam as I had convinced myself that it must be Sri Lankan like Percy. More Buddhas - 28th sketchcrawl

The only way I could achieve my fast drawings was ‘straight in with the pen’ – no pencil. Then at the end I used Prismacolours to add colour. Trouble is – those Prismacolours break all the time and that means lost time while sharpening. I’m using Como paper ( like a cartridge paper about 280 gsm I think) and I’m not using wet media at the moment as a challenge.Sketchcrawl Nepalese modern figure

This last drawing took 25 min. I drew some lines with pencil first to get the angles of the limbs correct. It is on the title page of my sketchbook where my name and address go, so I didn’t want it to be a disaster. I have yet to draw a suitable border.

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