Maritime Museum

Carpentaria 2We went to Darling Harbour near the Maritime Museum on Saturday with the Sydney Sketch Meetup group.  It was a perfect day – 22 degrees. Maybe winter will be over soon. This is my third drawing and the one I’m happiest with.

With my first drawing I went straight in with the pen and the proportions weren’t correct. But once you’ve done those pen strokes, you Carpentaria 1have to go with it. So the next drawings I made some rudimentary marks to get the proportions correct before I drew.This red one took 45 minutes. A lot of that time was in putting on more and more red. The ship was bright glowing vermilion.

This drawing was from the other side of the same ship and it was done before the redder one. I experimented with a new Tombow pen I’d bought on Friday. I want to use my Tombow pens in this sketchbook, but I needed a pale grey for the shadow.  I did the drawing in pen with grey Tombow first, then added colour.
BarekiThe Bareki was actually the first  drawing of the day, and the one when I learnt that with ships, it was best to put pencil proportions in first. I will try to draw it again one day soon. I have drawn a few ships in the last 12 months or so and they are more difficult than they look.

Some months ago I bought this book Painting & Drawing Boats and I can really recommend it. In fact anything by Moira Huntly I have three of hers now.


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3 responses to “Maritime Museum

  1. These are all great, but I really love the vivid red in the top painting.

  2. Great boats, and yes, the vivid red is stunning.

  3. Super job on that vivid red boat!!!

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