Respectable Ginger?

Went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday to check out the Tropical Centre as a sketching venue for my classes if we get a wet day. There are so many inspiring and amazing things to draw in there. Particularly checked out some plants that would be easy for beginners to sketch from and get a really good result.

I had never seen this plant before. It’s just gorgeous in the flesh. It’s called Beehive Ginger, but I wonder if the botanical name means ‘respectable ginger’? And if there is one that is less respectable.


Filed under Botanic Gardens, Copic Multiliner, drawing, sketching, watercolour

2 responses to “Respectable Ginger?

  1. Ooh, Wendy! I haven’t seen these before either but they sure look unique. I think I will look them up on line and see if I can find a photo. Excellent job on them!

  2. You’ve done these beautifully, Wendy. Spectabile – Latin from spectare meaning to watch or look at, and abile meaning to have the ability. I think it just means they are spectacular. I’d love to have a ginger collection – maybe I should, I’ve got room here…

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