White Bay Power Station

White Bay Power Station had an Open Day yesterday. It’s a huge derelict old place in Rozelle, near a major intersection, so I drive by it quite often.  By the time I read about it in the Inner West Courier, all the tours were full. Nevertheless we were encouraged to go along anyway and found a comfortable bench in the shade (it was hot, hot, hot) and drew the whole thing. We were able to go inside a few of the buildings and the interiors are not unlike Cockatoo Island. I’ve put my name down to be notified early next time there’s an Open Day.


Filed under Copic Multiliner, drawing, sketching, watercolour

4 responses to “White Bay Power Station

  1. Fantastic drawing Wendy . A great opportunity and next time I will be there too !

  2. I wanted to draw it when I drove past the other day – would never have achieved it as well as you. Wendy. Fantastic indeed.

  3. An awesome sketch that really gives a sense of this old place. I’d love to hear its story!

  4. I’ve always wanted to go there. My kids have filmed there and it just seems like a really fantastic place. And all that rust! Fabulous.

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