Candi Bentar

This is a section of a Balinese split gate (candi bentar). I am planning to do an artist’s book about Bali. The book has been made and has a cover of paper similar to ikat fabric.I saw this image on tv, and had to draw it because I loved the shadows. I drew it in my sketchbook first and now it is also on the first page of my artist’s book.

I had hoped to also do some drawings of my own Balinese fabrics, but after a couple of test drawings I know it is not going to work out. I will have to find another angle. All the pages of my book are already prepped in the way that this one has been, but with varying colours. I have a number of Bali drawings already and many many photos. I just need to let it gel for a while till I get a new angle.

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