Sketching birds at the Australian Museum

It’s winter again so the Australian Museum is the place to go to get out of the cold and rain. The only one of these birds I had drawn before was the southern boobook (owl) and my previous drawing is very different.

It was school holidays and by midday we needed to get away from the noise. That often happens and it doesn’t matter because it’s such a wonderful place for children and adults.   You just go and get a bird or an animal on a plinth, put it in front of you and draw. Then when you’ve finished you go and get a different one.

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One response to “Sketching birds at the Australian Museum

  1. Each of these is especially beautiful, Wendy. I know you’ve been coming to this place for inspiration for at least a couple of years now. I love the colors in that top bird. Very vibrant and so full of life, just as birds truly are.

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