Zoo – Day 2

Another beautiful day at Taronga Park Zoo, and this time we had  a plan. We went straight to the Barbary Sheep – gorgeous calm looking beasts with shaggy hair like a mane, but falling down from their throat.  Apparently they are a species of goat-antelope, and they’re a beautiful caramel colour.

There are quite a number of them, but on this hot morning at first they weren’t cooperating. They stood far from where we were. Fortunately with some patience, some of them decided to come and sit quite close to us, and I was able to get some better drawings.

After a large coffee and a few short visits to other favourites, we were on our way to draw the spider monkeys.  As we passed the floral clock, a peacock was putting on quite a display. He was there for quite some time and totally gorgeous (and he knew it).

The spider monkeys saw us with our sketchbooks and immediately went to the other side of the enclosure. We stayed put, hoping they would come back. They remained fairly unhelpful,so we just did the best we could.  I’m certain if we’d moved closer they would have moved away again. These animals know what you’re up to!

Our last drawing of the day was the colourful Cassowary. There were two of these amazing birds. We’d seen them prior to our (late) lunch and one had been sitting at the front of the enclosure. By the time we settled down to draw them they were both wandering their enclosures, so again it was a matter of waiting for one of them to take the same pose for a second time.  There was a large heap of big green round eggs. An adult cassowary can be 6 feet tall or more, and the eggs were sized accordingly. Though they are native to Australia – not from around here -I’d never seen one before.  It’s ‘hat’ is called a casque. It actually had metallic gold colouring at the back, so I had to get the gold acrylic paint out to finish it off when I got home.


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  1. The little Spider Monkey is funny. Lots of personality.

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