Ibis feather

I started a new sketchbook last week. This time I am using Como paper. It is very cheap and great weight, but not designed for watercolour. It is like a very very thick cartridge paper. What I DO like about it is the size. I wanted a reasonably big sketchbook next, as my last one was biggish. I have an even bigger one made (from wc paper) but I decided it was too heavy to use in the summer when I am often carrying my book all day.

It is a case bound book. The paste paper (cover) is courtesy of Ann Adams who gave it to me because I admired it.

This feather is from an ibis. I found it in the Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago at the last Spring Sketchabout. I didn’t have time to draw it at the time so I decided it would make an excellent first page of my new book. My name and contact details are now to the right of the feathery blue line.

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  1. Christine Kalina

    Beautiful feather and I love your “new” book!

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