35th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

Oh yes, Cockatoo Island for the fourth time in 3 weeks. It was the 35th Worldwide Sketchcrawl and guess who nagged to go to Cockatoo Island. Every time I go there I see more things to sketch. Winter will soon be here and it will be a bit cold out there.

About a year ago I made a little sketchbook especially to draw pipes. There are amazing ones at Cockatoo Island and also at the Powerhouse Museum. The book stayed empty till Saturday but now I’ve started to fill it. I got the idea from a page in Keys to Drawing with Imagination: Strategies and Exercises for Gaining Confidence and Enhancing Your Creativity where the author adds to a pipe drawing on three occasions. You can see my review of the book when I first bought it here.

My plan is more to overlap and really fill the book in the way I have done with this drawing of cranes.    For consistency, I’m drawing all the pipes as grey, except for where they are painted. There are some amazing almost new ones in bright colours outside the pool where I go to swim, but I need to get there very early to get a particular car spot to be positioned to draw them. These pipes were very rusted in actual fact. I don’t plan to put in a background – just maybe more pipes.

It was a foggy morning when we started out. The airport was closed and I did wonder about the ferries. However it turned out very warm and clear. I sat in the shade to draw all of these, and often out there in the middle of the harbour it can be chilly with a breeze blowing.  Not on Saturday, when 30 sketchcrawlers roamed the island.

So this is my book. It’s a concertina, made from Fabriano Hot Press paper and the cover is metallic paper with laser cut cogs stuck on.


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2 responses to “35th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

  1. I love theme sketchbooks. This is going to be a beauty, Wendy. Excellent pipes, particularly that top drawing. How I’d love a day on Cockatoo Island.

  2. Ruth Bosveld

    I like it!

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