Himalayan kittens – help!

casperThis is an old sketch of my recently departed cat, Casper. You’ve probably seen many sketches of him over the years. He was with me for 16 years.

Before I had Casper, I had Yeti Mungo and Bollinger, so it is 26 years I have had himalayan cats. I thought it would be easy to go out and get another one, but not so. The lady I got Casper from is no longer breeding them.  Back before I got Casper, the Cat Fancy changed the show standards for himalayans. This article on Wikipedia explains to two face types. You can see quite clearly that mine have the doll face.

casper_kittenHere is Casper as a kitten with his ‘long’nose. Unfortunately for me, the standard is now for the short nose  – the ‘peke face’, so those still breeding himalayans for showing have fallen into line.  I have tried without success to get a response from the Himalayan yeti_kittenCat Club, and I am wondering if they have disbanded, because there are so few breeders of himalayans  in NSW on the net.

This is my beautiful Yeti Mungo as a kitten.Yeti became ‘the most beautiful cat in the world’.  You can even see from this pic that he had a ‘proper nose’. I had Yeti and his half brother Bollinger for ten years. bollingerThe cattery they came from no longer exists. Bollinger was a party animal. Loved visitors. Favourite food was strawberries, but also liked cherry tomatoes and mandarin segments.

So I am asking, does anyone know anyone who breeds himalayan cats, or even has a himalayan cat (in NSW) who they can ask if there is anyone out there breeding doll face himalayan cats?


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4 responses to “Himalayan kittens – help!

  1. I was recently looking for Himalayan kittens myself and found several not that far away here, Wendy. I didn’t know what a doll face was so thank you for explaining. Have you tried doing an internet search? That seems to be how I find most things these days.

    • quirkyartist

      Sherry I have done many an Internet search. I came up with only two or so breeders and they are all with the peke face. I have hit a brick wall, so that is why I have blogged out it.

      • You might try searching for shaded golden or silver persians or chinchilla Persians. They often have some Himmys in the lineage, and have the kind of face you want.

  2. Good luck with your search, Wendy, it’s annoying when your preference goes out of date. I love the doll faces myself so understand your wish to find one. Is there a Facebook site for Himalayans?

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