Playing with selective colour

A beautiful day in the Gardens for sketching but lots of mozzies at the first spot. Luckily I had some RID, but they still managed to sneak in quite a few bites. We decided to sketch this plant, though we had no idea what it was. After a while a guide came by with a group, so we asked her. It is a ginger, and the red part is the bracts and only the yellow is the flower. I looked it up online and it is called Spiral Ginger. Once you know, it is easy to see, because it is a lot like the Beehive Ginger I drew in the Tropical Centre.

This week I was excited by a drawing of a boat by Jorge Royan where he used selective colour. It is not on his blog yet, but you can find it on Facebook on the Urban Sketchers page. Hence I decided to do selective colour in these sketches.
paperbarkNext we moved away from the mozzies and as the sun was high in the sky we wandered around looking for a patch of shade. We found this little ‘glade’ not far from Twin Ponds and sat under the shade of a large tree. A breeze was coming off the harbour and we were nice and cool on a very hot day. These paperbark trees are so interesting to draw. The park at the end of my street has many of them.


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4 responses to “Playing with selective colour

  1. Carol Cantrell

    Oh, I really like this selective colour idea. Very effective. I love the gingers, we have a couple here but they seem to come and go. Just when I think I’d like to take a cutting, they’ve vanished. It has been a strange day, not as hot as expected here, though 41 at Gosford, just down the road. Lovely now, but the mozzies! Just savage!

    An hour ago we all went down to visit the chooks and it was mozzie central. And then two of the older chooks went feral and started to fight, really savage and frightening to watch. Kaz separated them and it was over immediately but it was unnerving to see our girls behaving so badly. Maybe heat got to them though they’ve been under the sprinkler. Why do I think I should understand the way a chook thinks?


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  2. leavesofcrimson

    Both are beautiful sketches, Wendy. I like the selective color piece especially. Maybe because it is trees, which I love.

  3. I’ve always loved the use of selective colour. It works brilliantly with botanical subjects as it does in your ginger and paperbarks. Sounds like a delightful day. I’m very envious.

  4. Ruth Bosveld

    So pretty.

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