Rozelle Bay

rozelle_bayFinally finally I have started a new sketchbook. I decided to use the one I made with toned paper. I still haven’t decided whether to go through the book consecutively, as I usually do, or whether to choose the colour according to the subject I’m sketching.

We went to Bicentennial Park at the end of Glebe Point Road. The main thing yesterday was to find a cool spot, and we found it under a huge Moreton Bay fig tree right on the point where a cool breeze was blowing. Whatever we sketched, it was going to be a panorama across the water. This area looks out over Rozelle Bay, across to a marina, with the heritage shipyard out of sight off to the left. The tall chimneys in the background are part of the White Bay Power Station. Here is a sketch I did of it from the other side, during an Open Day.

Because of the tall chimneys, I knew a lot of my page would be bare. That made it absolutely perfect for the title page of my new sketchbook, as I will write my name and contact details in the space. So that meant pale grey paper. For that reason I decided to use Prismacolour pencils, although for the major part of the book I plan to use only a black pen and a white Prismacolour pencil.

I included two watercolour paper folios (spreads, in sketching terms) when I made my book, in case I had a situation where I must use watercolours. So, really, it is probably unwise to work consecutively in this book. Let’s see what colour background I use next.


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2 responses to “Rozelle Bay

  1. Oh I have to say this is one of my favorites of all your sketches, Wendy! I love the exquisite detail and richness of the waterscape. How absolutely fabulous. I’ve always thought old factories were extremely arty and you’ve proven it in this piece. I like the idea of you choosing your paper color based on your vision of your next sketch.

  2. What a lovely sketch and a great way to start off your new sketchbook!!! Yeah!

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