Deus ex Macchina

yamaha Deus ex Macchina is a coffee shop I’ve been to a few times before, but not for a while. This morning we were casting round for somewhere different to sketch and I half remembered a motorbike inside the coffee shop, so we went to check it out. In fact there were three motorcycles in different places around the room. The cafe is attached to a motorcycle showroom and workshop, and it is also known for good coffee and good food. It’s a bit famous, and close to where I live. It is going to be a great winter venue for sketching/lunch, but today it was hot and we had a relaxing morning drinking coffee in the air con.

I hadn’t sketched a motorbike before and it’s not easy. They are such complex machines, and it is very necessary to simplify them, but the proportions need to be right and the bits need to connect up to one another in the right place. Aaagh.

This machine is a Yamaha Scorpio Mousetrap (don’t you love the name!) from 2007, and you can’t afford it. I chose the colour paper to sketch on because it was very similar to the colour of the paintwork.


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6 responses to “Deus ex Macchina

  1. You amaze me! This is fabulous, Wendy, a great sketch. I want to go to this coffee shop now…

  2. leavesofcrimson

    You did a superb job on this, Wendy. It looks gorgeous on the blue paper as well. What a beautiful sketch!

  3. Wow, that’s an excellent drawing, Wendy. Beautiful indeed. You make me want a bike.

  4. Motorbikes are really cool to draw, but they’re not easy. This is a great drawing, lots of character. Russell.

  5. Nice sketch! I like the white highlights, it really makes it pop. There’s a Deus ex Macchina in Auckland too, but sadly the bike workshop and cafe seem to have parted company.

  6. Excellent job on this!!! You nailed the details of the bike!

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