Huskisson sketching in the evening


Drinks before dinner at Huskisson RSL each evening with total waterfront views, comfortable leather lounges, and club prices. We took our sketchbooks and sat looking out the window from about 6pm, sketching, with a glass of wine in our hands. The view is total perfection and best seen on Huskisson RSL Facebook page.

In the afternoons at Huskisson, the wind comes up, so in the late afternoon of our first full day we went back to the hotel and had a browse through some art books. I wanted to do some experimentation, though I didn’t have a lot of art materials with me. I  decided to do some very free and loose underpainting.

husky_rsl_2The first sketch is with a Derwent Sketching pencil, dark wash. I think it was the least successful, because the watercolour was a bit strong to use pencil on top. The next two evenings we ate in the Bistro (seafood basket) which had the same view, so we were  there till well after dark and saw the light change on the water. The direction of the sea was a real challenge with this seascape because it was quite chaotic round that point.

Every afternoon, back in the room we would prep pages of our sketchbooks and try different things. The second sketch was done on our last night in Huskisson. It was also on underpainting – more about this method when I write about Day Two. This worked well. Lamy Safari pen. Very little colour needed to be added.


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5 responses to “Huskisson sketching in the evening

  1. Sandy Box

    Lovely sketches and so different – I know that view – a wonderful little town near some wonderful views. How about a sketch of the river? Have you been to Jervis Bay yet? We will have to visit again soon – it has been 2 years.

  2. There is something about a group of little fishing trawlers that transports me to my childhood. You’ve caught them perfectly, Wendy. Lovely finish with the pen on that second watercolour. And I’m enjoying the experiments.
    Trying hard not to think of the Seafood Basket, sob.
    What a blissful holiday for a couple of artists.

  3. I think both pieces are quite lovely, Wendy. I’m so glad you got to get away for this little trip too. Is that outcropping stone or sand? I love the shape and the strata type lines around it!

  4. Wendy

    It is sand, and there were lines of seaweed round it, cast up on the beach.

  5. Love this, great composition. Russell.

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