Huskisson Day Two

husky_beach_spatterOn our second day at Huskisson, we were up early in the morning, picked up some coffee and breakfast from The Bakery, and were on the beach before 7.30. We went to a beautiful beach just around the corner, but it faced east and the (hot) sun was in our eyes. We ate breakfast and moved back around the corner.

The previous afternoon I’d prepared a page with an idea from a book with a lot of spattering. I thought it looked a bit fierce, so while it was half dry I sprayed the page and did a few brushstrokes to disperse the paint a little. This first sketch is with Lamy Safari and a little watercolour, with some white gouache for the edges of the waves. The background colour doesn’t show the beautiful day, but other than that I quite like the technique. Fantastic for a rainy day.

husky_crash_bangI did another quick sketch in absolute crash bang wallop mode. I wanted to sketch with the tip of a large round brush. I wished for a fine liner brush to do finer branches as well, but I worked with what I had. Again working on an underpainted background.  I like the way what was already on the page gives the impression of light on the water, but I think it looks like moonlight whereas it was like this.

And then it was lunchtime.


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2 responses to “Huskisson Day Two

  1. Your trip looks so fabulous it is almost refreshing me! I too like the light on the water but it reminds me of setting sun, not moon. Both sketches are just wonderful and I really love your pen work!

  2. Your sketches from the trip are wonderful!!! I like that technique of splattering the page first. You got a really nice effect. For some reason I never think to do anything to my pages before I paint. Thanks for sharing.

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