kiama_sketchWoke early on our last day to the smell of smoke.  Our original plan was to sketch on the beach till checkout time, however we thought perhaps that had better change. In January there were terrible fires at Sussex Inlet not far to the south of us. I loaded down the Rural Fire Service app “Fires Near Me NSW”. The fire  was 23km to the north, but it seemed like a good idea to get onto the main highway, as the breeze was already up.

After a short stop at Nowra, we headed for Kiama, a beach place famous for its blowhole. We had a berry smoothie to cool down and then found a spot by the water with a stone wall to sit on and even a tap to fill up our water jars.

Again I was working on a prepared background. I had found my method by then. Because of the way I had applied the paint, I was able to use some of the white areas for the waves. In fact there is no sand in this area, there is a wall, but the page had been prepared thinking it would be painted at the beach at Huskisson, but really, I don’t care.

So I am still using my Stillman and Birn sketchbook. It is so robust for all kinds of mixed media experimentation. An unexpected and happy side effect was that I used my Lamy Safari pen with Noodlers Bulletproof ink and it didn’t run. It dried right away.  I mostly make my own sketchbooks with fine art papers – Stonehenge, BFK Rives, Fabriano Hot Press, and the ink doesn’t dry, sometimes even after ten minutes. My plan had been to use the Lamy Safari, then a wet brush to dilute the ink and apply some mid tones (back when I did the spattery one). I got the wet brush onto the newly applied ink and it didn’t budge.

We had planned another stop for late lunch and more sketching, but somehow didn’t find the turnoff, and ended up back in Sydney mid afternoon with no lunch.


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3 responses to “Kiama

  1. Wendy, I’ve really enjoyed your trip down south. You’ve captured the beaches beautifully. I like your use of the pre prepared backgrounds, they work really well.

  2. I know your sketchbooks are gorgeous and I love them! This trip is giving you some great little paintings and I’m loving each and every one of them! I like the addition of the beach sand anyway so your forethought was excellent for this piece!

  3. Errol Hugh

    Just love your posts and your cool Blog…

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