Bicentennial Park

bicentennial_pkBack in Sydney and continuing with the water theme we went sketching at Bicentennial Park this week. I am so missing the blue skies and beautiful colours of the water on the south coast. This is on Sydney Harbour and this area is Rozelle Bay, just along from my previous sketch of Rozelle Bay. The sky was the most interesting thing because it was black in bands. Rain was forecast but it didn’t rain. It actually turned out sunny.

Whereas my previous sketch looked across at the Heritage Shipyard, this one looks at a marina on the left and a place where they seem to repair tugs and other working boats. I would love to get in there. So many things to draw. However it is a very busy place and I am certain they wouldn’t allow it.  One wonderful area like this off to the left has already fallen to developers, but I got there first with my camera.

Oh, this page was also prepped with blues and greens for the south coast, but it worked just as well on the harbour.


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4 responses to “Bicentennial Park

  1. Magnificent sky! Lovely sketch. Your blog seems to me to be the perfect artist’s blog – beautiful illustration and just enough information.

  2. leavesofcrimson

    You’ve beautifully captured the color of the sky before a rain and the brilliant greens that emerge in this type of light. Love love love this sketch!

  3. You are making me jealous with all these beach paintings…they are lovely!!! I like the sky in this one. Sometimes the stormy look makes a fascinating sky.

  4. I’m really enjoying these watercolour and pen works.

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