The shipyard that has gone…

loading_logsAs I said yesterday, one shipyard at the end of Rozelle Bay has gone, another seems to be on the way out. Sydney’s maritime history is disappearing before our eyes. When I took these photos there was still work going on, but clearing away had started also. Prime real estate, dontcher know.

shipyard_cabinThis next image is the cabin/wheelhouse of an old ship.

The whole area was full of wonderful old rusted pieces of machinery. A skskip_shadowsshipyard_greenetcher’s paradise.





We paid two visits there. One was early in the morning to catch the cast shadows. pink_1




I have lots of photos. I’ve already used some to make solar plate etchings. I plan to do some paintings also. But now it has all gone, I know however many photos I took, it wasn’t enough.


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3 responses to “The shipyard that has gone…

  1. That’s sad, isn’t it. I’m looking forward to your SP etchings though.

  2. Very sad, Wendy, but yes, it is progress, of a kind. Your photos are a great record of what has been lost. And I look forward to future sketches, paintings and solar plate etchings.

  3. Places like this have such character. I’m glad you were able to get there and take so many photos.

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