One Bintang Beer


An early start to catch our flight to Bali. Taxi came 5.30 a.m. Everything ran as smooth as silk. We had great seats on the aircraft and lunch was served soon after our 9 a.m. takeoff. So early in the morning we had one Bintang beer with lunch to celebrate the commencement of our holiday. And of course we needed the can for the sketch.

The rest of the flight we spent doing our “Learning Indonesian” lessons. We couldn’t do the audio because we would have felt forced to repeat after the instructor and we wouldn’t want to frighten the horses. As well as audio, they come with PDF files so we worked from them. It is such an excellent course, and free. We asked the cabin crew for help with our pronunciation, though there was some fairly quiet hilarity between ourselves at our efforts. Well, we thought quiet, but when I stood up to let BB out, a friendly passenger in the row behind us said “you two seem to be having a good time”.


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3 responses to “One Bintang Beer

  1. Wonderful ! So glad you re enjoying yourselves ! maybe it was the beer . A memorable page

  2. CrimsonLeaves

    Oh Wendy!! You sound like you are having a blast! And a beer at 9 a.m.? Considering how early you got up, that would have been well after lunch time on a normal day, yes? Love the sketch!!

  3. Hey, you’re there! Laughed at your post about your language lessons. And of course you needed the beer can!

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