Broni and Wendy do Masterchef


Back at Lovina Beach (late and out of timetable order)

We had a very early morning visiting the local market before our Masterchef cook-off. Up waaaaay pre-dawn, we walked to the local market at Kalibukbuk, accompanied by one of our tutors. A busy market, even though it was only getting light. We had to purchase all we needed to cook the dishes for our lunch.

Afterwards we had a break for breakfast before the cooking began. We had two tutors, lovely sisters, Peny and Dewi. All the ingredients were laid out on plates when we arrived and they looked appetising already.

The menu was……corn fritters, urab (a vegetable dish), fish curry (marlin), and chicken satay with fresh peanut sauce. The satay sauce was the first one to be made. When I say fresh sauce, I mean uncooked. If you haven’t eaten it, you haven’t lived. Oh yummmmmmm. It involved a mortar and pestle with a flat mortar nearly the size of a dinner plate. When we got onto some of the other dishes we needed the BIG mortar and pestle. Broni had a go with the large one, but I was far too busy as I was being ‘scribe’ and writing down the recipes. Yes we have the recipes.

Very clever trick for working with chillis….plastic bag on the hand. Why didn’t I think of that? Yes, plenty of chilli. I’m in my element.

Finally all four dishes were finished and we got to eat! I am a bit of a connoisseur of corn fritters around Sydney. Forget it! These ones were so amazing and light and flavoursome. It was a shame Matt Preston wasn’t there, but I think we are still joint Masterchefs Kalibukbuk

oh, OK, wordpress won’t let me move the photos around. Doesn’t matter. You know what you are looking at, don’t you?

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  1. CrimsonLeaves

    I just know it looks divine! Yummo!

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