Sketsa -yes!



Finally a sketch! On Saturday, thanks to Peny Setyowati, BB and I met up with the Bali Urban Sketchers in Denpasar. We left Ubud at 8.30 and were at Museum Bali well before ten. Peny found us easily, and we three went into the Museum for a look around. I had wanted to see that museum since reading about it not long ago. After a while quite a number of other Bali Urban Sketchers arrived and we went into a courtyard to sketch. The Architecture here is ornate, complex and beautiful, but utterly different to anything we are used to sketching at home. Seeing the proficiency of the local sketchers, I had to put in a major effort to produce something passable. I am using watercolour pencils, which I don’t use so often now. Lucky they are quite forgiving.

I did another sketch also, but it is in my ox-plough book, where many of the sketches are unfinished. Our timetable in Ubud has been to rise early and get out and about before it gets hot. Problem is, we forget to come home. So we have been arriving back late afternoon, hot and exhausted, then going for a swim. After that it is getting towards dusk often, and I am just too tired to think about anything sensibly, never mind finishing sketches.

This trip has helped me to work out what I will take to Europe for sketching. I made books for us that are square and Coptic bound. That will be perfect. Using the ox-plough book means you don’t work a spread at a time and gives very little opportunity for collaging in interesting bits (of which there are many here in Bali). I will also use watercolours and pen, because that is faster for me and also doesn’t need spraying. This sketch needs some darker darks when I get home and can spray it.

I feel very spoilt by being able to meet the Bali Urban Sketchers. They are very friendly and made us feel very welcome. This photo is me with Peny and Achmad. Taken by BB. I hope to sketch with them again before too long. Note my new hair courtesy of the chemo treatment. Difficult for me to get used to after my whole life having straight hair. Here is the previous me.


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3 responses to “Sketsa -yes!

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    Wow, Wendy! I’ve heard stories of chemo doing this to the hair. If I ever have to go through it, maybe my hair would return in a straight form. I get so tired of fighting the kink and curl. Anyway, I do so love your sketch, as usual. I am so glad to be reading of your exploits too. It sure sounds fun!!

    • Lovely sketch!!! Nice texture to the architecture. It is great that you got ot sketch with other Urban Sketchers from Bali. I am enjoying your photos and stories about the area. Strange what chemo can do to our hair, but you seem to have taken it is stride. Enjoy!

  2. Love your hair, Wendy, very different but looks good. As does your sketch. I’m enjoying your travels very much. ( Though I’m so late catching up with comments that you are now home in the cold…)

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