The lightship Carpentaria

carpentaria_3An Urban Sketchers ‘event’ at the National Maritime Museum today. Perfect weather …23 degrees….for what is still the middle of winter. I was prepared with scarf and gloves for being cold down by the water. Not at all! I had to take my coat off.

I love to draw this ship. It is the brightest vermilion when the sun is on it. I have sketched it before. I turned one of those sketches into a solar plate and have printed only two from it so far. Both of them have gone into the collection of the State Library of NSW.

The Carpentaria was used as a beacon on rocks where it was not possible to construct a lighthouse, and it operated out of Cairns in Queensland. One of the Urban Sketchers there today had actually seen it in situ. I commented on its strange shape, and he said it had to be tough to be out there. There is something about it that reminds me of a bobbing barrel, though it wasn’t bobbing today on the calm waters of Darling Harbour.


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3 responses to “The lightship Carpentaria

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    What an interesting piece with a fabulous history to go along with it. I found myself wondering how that tall lighthouse would affect its ability to stay upright. The color reminded me of lobsters (and how appropriate). Congratulations on having two pieces in the State Library!

  2. Steve Moore

    I also congratulate you on having a piece in your State Library Collection. I did a google search to find more images of the Carpentaria, you will be happy to know your first picture (colored pencil?) comes up in the google search.

  3. curatorialassistant

    Beautiful pic! The red of CARPENTARIA always pops best against a blue sky/ blue harbor :)

    Penny & Nicole

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