Matisse Derivan Open Day

gelli_capI go away soon, and right after I come back the Matisse Derivan Open Day will be on again. Details will be on their website soon.  Annie Mc Mahon and I will be doing Gelli Printing workshops and you will be able to book online. This year it is on 19th October and it starts at 10am. Entry is free. Here is a greeting card made with a Gelli print and some gift tags also.


lemon_tagsHave a look at the Gelli Arts blog to see all the wonderful things you can do with Gelli.


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2 responses to “Matisse Derivan Open Day

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    Ooh, love those gift tags! So fun and bright! On the card, I thought you used ring slices of green peppers! LOL Crazy what my mind sees. Hope you have a great trip.

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