Säntis and Appenzell

imageDue to the complications of travel sketching, and being in the company of non sketchers, though I have sketched almost very day, I haven’t always had time to add colour on the spot. This sketch of the restaurant where we had lunch in Appenzell in Switzerland is one,of these. It is a very rough and ready sketch, and the colour added in the same way, because by the time I had spare time to catch up, I had four to catch up on, plus a sketch for the day. This is why this post from Switzerland is being done after we have already arrived in Italy. Time for blogging is limited, as is time for catching up on sketchbook things. We are out most of the time.

After leaving Switzerland, where we went most places by car, I found that I had Too Much Stuff, so that if I am having a long day out, I don’t even take my paints as they are heavy. I wish I had brought my tiny box as well.

Back in Switzerland, this was a huge day out. My friends took us first to Säntis, to the mountains. We didn’t go up in the cable car; as I said before, I don’t like heights. However we had a coffee and admired the beautiful mountain scenery.

Then we went off to Appenzell, where the houses in the town are all painted in bright patterns. We lunched there (schnitzel) and took a walk through the town to the beer factory. We shopped there, but for our host, not ourselves.

Home by the scenic route, along Lake Constanz, where our hostess swam and we joined our host in drinking some wine.


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4 responses to “Säntis and Appenzell

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    I am surprised you are finding time to sketch at all. You must be tired and just fall into bed every evening. I love the ephemera added to the sketches too. Glad you are having fun, Wendy.

  2. It is hard to find time to sketch when you are with non sketchers. Plus you are doing so much sightseeing. Enjoy!!!

  3. cynthia

    In case my last comment did not post properly, I will say again that I am enjoying your blogging and sketches tremendously, and it is fun traveling vicariously with you. We have Swiss relatives in Zurich, and your post made me think of when we went to visit them and the family swam in the lake. Happy travels!

  4. Love your sketches and your additions to the book. You mentioned schnitzel! Now I absolutely must have schnitzel tonight.

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