A day around Bologna

la_rossaFirst morning waking up in Bologna. What a delight! I do love this beautiful city. Last time I was there was during university holidays, so the city was less vibrant. This time it was buzzing and the weather was perfect.

We walked to Piazza Maggiore where the Neptune statue is – less than five minutes from our hotel. All the small streets around that area have historic shops. We spent ages admiring the contents of the delicatessens and similar. No eating, just looking looking looking. Later we took tramezzini from one of the shops back to our hotel for lunch. Then we glued. Before that, however we spent a long while outside a bar in a small street the other side of the Piazza Maggiore, drinking a beer while I sketched a portone.

After our gluing session, we walked in another direction to the Piazza Santo Stefano, all the way through beautiful colonnaded streets. Found an interesting small street, Via Clavature, right near the hotel where we had delicious salad for dinner.


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2 responses to “A day around Bologna

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    This trip sounds amazing with every new adventure and every new read of your blog. Love the sketchbook page and am marveling at the gorgeous color of the building itself.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the sketchbooks at some time. Keep having a magical trip.

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