Angelina Jolie has left the island

cockatoo_angelinaSaturday was an Urban Sketchers event. I nagged for Cockatoo Island (again) and they humoured me because it was my birthday. My nephew Geoff came down from Brisbane with a friend and we caught the ferry to the island on a perfect morning.

As the interstate visitors hadn’t been to the island before, we set off to walk around the lower island. All blocked off. We were directed in a different direction, but on the west side of the island you could only get to the cafe. Why? Angelina Jolie has been there filming. All celebrities had left the island, but the barriers had not yet been removed (and won’t be gone until 20th).

cockatoo_is_tapThat left us a little less choice of sketching spots out of the sun, and it was hot. I went to a place that has a conglomeration of pipes, where I have sketched before. You might be able to see that the previous one has this same metal box from a different angle.  This time there was a tiny piece of shade so I had very little choice for composition if I wanted to stay cool. I wasn’t so happy with my result. Our aborted walk around the island seemed to have put me off my stride.

So I went for a chat with a friend who was still sketching and decided to do a quick sketch of this little tap. I like it a lot better.

Delicious hamburger for lunch. A long time since I had a hamburger.


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2 responses to “Angelina Jolie has left the island

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    Your nephew is taking to sketching like a duck to water, isn’t he? I love it. All your sketches are fabulous, Wendy. And I’m not just saying it.

  2. Great sketches. Sorry the filming blocked off much of the island. Looks like you had a great day anyway.

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