The Old Milk Bar

milk_barAlthough things have been busy since I got home, I went out sketching at Summer Hill with Chris Haldane recently. Chris showed me some local architectural gems and we both chose this old milk bar to sketch.  You can see Chris’ sketch here, and she tells a lot more about the history of the milk bar, that I didn’t know at all. She knows the area much better than I do, though it is not so far from where I live.

It is winter here, but the sun was bright and we could sit outside on a corner without getting cold. We both found this sketch a challenge in the bright sunlight. To me, the point of interest was the pale washed out blue around the upper window. But the sun on the red brickwork was so strong. It was hard to get the tones right. We both want to go again and give it another try.


Filed under Copic Multiliner, sketchbook, sketching, Summer Hill, urban landscape, watercolour

6 responses to “The Old Milk Bar

  1. I’ve not heard of a milk bar before; very interesting and a wonderful sketch!!

    • quirkyartist

      I think you might have called them soda something. From the 50s and 60s. You know what a milk shake is?

  2. Really lovely! Not many milk bars left…

  3. Great job on the architecture and the color. What is a milk bar? We don’t have them here…or we call them something different.

  4. I went over to look at Chris’s sketch and from her post it sounds like a milk bar is similar to an old fashioned soda shop here where you can get milkshakes, sodas, egg creams, etc. It makes me think of jukeboxes and teenagers. LOL

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