About me

I am an artist from Sydney’s Inner West. Glorious Downtown Newtown. I have an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art from the Sydney Gallery School, and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the College of Fine Art (COFA -part of the University of New South Wales. I am a painter in acrylics and mixed media, a book artist, paper artist, print-maker and a non-believer in the Emperor’s new clothes.

26 responses to “About me

  1. Your work is beautiful!

  2. dinahmow

    Saw you mentioned on Robyn’s blog (have dogs,will travel) so came for a look at another “local.”
    I’ve bookmarked you.

  3. hi Wendy…
    I’m sorry for the delay re the Top 101 Artists’ List…
    I have now changed this to the Top Artists’ Directory…where I have listed your fantastic blog…
    please check it out and don’t hesitate to send me an image and bio…
    cheers Kim
    ps I live on the Central Coast…not far from you eh :)

  4. chris

    wendy.you are the most laissez-faire teacher i have struck so this superb site is a shock- and it is quite wonderful. have been onto amazon and gone beserk. thanks

  5. hello, I saw my name (Rae Andrews) mentioned on your blog, can you tell me who you are? I am curious. I will come back to my wonderful country as much as I can and will teach again there, right now, I am doing a lot of w/shops here in the States.

  6. Andrew

    What do you mean that you are a non-believer in the Emperor’s new clothes?

  7. Hi Wendy
    You emailed me to ask which draw I wanted to be for the OWOH event. I just read your up date, so I gues that solved the problem anyway….
    Hope you enjoy your summer, here it is snowing brrrr

  8. I was searching for viscosity prints on the web and found your site. I like your collograph prints very much. I don’t see your last name here. Are you simply known as Australian Wendy? :)

  9. Your sketch journal is wonderful!
    You have a great talent. I look forward to following your blog and ‘meeting’ up with you on the journal workshops.

  10. Hi. I like your website. It reminds me of Danny Gregory’s book “An Illustrated Life” It inspired me to create a facebook group where people share their illustrated journals in a supportive community for artists at all levels. Check it out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/sketchbookers and join if you like!


  11. Just found your post on wetcanvas and came to visit. Great blog!
    Lots to learn…
    I am putting a link to it on mine: http://www.lizglass.wordpress.com.


    Liz (aka pincel)

  12. I like your drawings, they’re so clean and simple! Looking forward to more :)

  13. …and thanks for following :D

  14. Just letting you know I’ve passed the One Lovely Blog award on to you! Here’s the post

  15. Pam

    Love your art and your blog. I’ve mentioned you at my little blog, NovaArtsGroup.com. Thanks so much.

  16. Nicky Head


    I had no idea – when we knew each other all those years ago – that you were so talented.

    I often pop in and read your blog. It’s so impressive and your sketches are amazing. It’s great to see that you’re so busy with something you clearly love doing.

    Kind regards,

  17. We love your blog, Wendy, and are passing on the ONE LOVELY BLOG award to you. It’s a great way to acknowledge the time and effort involved in creating a fabulous blog. We look forward to knowing 7 things about you and being introduced to some of your favourite sites. For more info please visit

    All the best,
    Miles and Pippa

  18. Hi
    My name is Emma and I work for Kuretake UK. I have been doing some research and came across your wonderful artwork. I am currently carrying out some research & would really appreciate it if you would be able to possibly help me?

    I just wondered what products of ours you have used or now use if any?
    what you thought of our products/ why you like them? and how they compared to our competitors?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

  19. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award as I thoroughly enjoy your blog, I will be posting the nominees about 9.30pm Australia time. http://www.randomrose.wordpress.com

  20. Keith Goodman

    Hi Wendamio, Ciao Belle. Wonderful. I Love your work. Keithio.

  21. Hi Ms Wendy, just found your blog and interested.

  22. When I saw the mountain at the top it looked like one of two mountains in the Pacific NW, USA. I am enjoying your blog!

  23. steven schreiner

    Hi Wendy, I’m interested in your work and would love to use one of your drawings on a book cover.

  24. I love your solar plate work. I am the social media person in my school’s Visual Arts department here in Washington State. Wonder if I could use your work as an example of solar plate using color. Would love to give full credit and encourage students to visit your blog. Gail L

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