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Cosimo Foo the Biter

image This cat is my cat. He put me in hospital. Last Tuesday he came flying over the fence, chasing another cat, heading towards the road. I put my hand on us back to try to stop him and he sank one tooth all the way in.

It swelled immediately, but became much worse later in the day, so I went with my friend to casualty at the hospital. We sat up all night, and after a while I was put on an antibiotic drip. There are many crazy stories about this time, but they will have to go untold, as I am typing with one hand.

The following afternoon I was taken to the operating theatre and the wound was cleaned out. Then my whole forearm was plastered to immobilise it, and it was suspended from a ‘gallows’. From time to time the other arm was immobilised by being tied to the antibiotic drip.

I was in hospital for three days. Now I am at home, with the injured hand only partially usable. That is why no sketching or blogging at the moment. I feel fine and the culprit is asleep on the end of my bed, having got over his sulks because I ‘left him’ for three days.


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Gordon Cullen; Visions of Urban Design

A group of us are beginning a project based on Gordon Cullen’s walk through a city, but ours will be through Volterra in Italy. I hope to get started today.



Last week I started to read a book about Gordon Cullen’s activities in urban design and illustrating instructive visions from the city as our built environment. This fantastic book, written and collected by David Gosling, stimulated me, even more than before, to go inside the city and watch every facet of social life through urban spaces and places and capture them in my visual memory by “sketching” them! In this path of architecture there were a few people who influenced me, and recently Gordon Cullen was added to my heroes list. Here I present the foreword of this book by Sir Norman Foster, I hope this would be a source of inspiration also for you!

“When I think back to the influences which led me to study architecture I still recall Gordon Cullen as one of my heroes. His drawings and writings were an inseparable part of the numerous copies…

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bird It was getting close to when we would be going home, so I decided I couldn’t leave without sketching Bird. Situated on a corner between reception and the pool, though there are two other birds, this bird is the one in the most prominent position. He is also the one that talks the most. He has a piercing wolf whistle and an even more piercing screech. He can say selamat pagi (good morning) and apa kabar? (How are you?). Broni was trying to teach him to say “I’m a very silly bird” but I don’t think she had a lot of success.  Everyone talks to Bird, but after close observation we realised that the gardener is the main tutor. Bird sleeps hidden in the top of his cage, but he will sometimes come down if you say goodnight to him.

IMG_5063After Broni was a little better we had started swimming before breakfast, and we did that also this morning. But we had to have a fairly early breakfast, because we had decided to go to Ibu Oka for lunch. I have been meaning to go to Ibu Oka for a very long time. It is famous for suckling pig.  The thing is ,they say you must go at 11a.m. Eating suckling pig quite that early isn’t something for every day, but today we were determined. We had a slightly smaller breakfast too. Popped into the market for a little more panic shopping for friends then lunch.

Ibu Oka was a pleasant surprise. There were a number of menu options, but the choice was obvious. The menu option I chose gave a small amount of various things.  It was delicious and not too large to face at 11 a.m.  The restaurant is quite modern. It was more traditional for a long time and I am sorry I missed going there when it was like that. 

Then back for a swim and it was time to draw Bird.


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Sketching the rice fields as the sun goes down

ricefieldsWhen I sketched the rice fields at the beginning of my trip, they were under water. Now the rice has been planted. They started planting the most distant fields first, and already they are greener than the ones done a day later. The ducks have gone now, but the herons still come. The hotel has an infinity pool overlooking the rice fields, and swallows come and swoop through the top of the water. I sit in a pavilion right at the back of the property, as it has comfortable chairs and a table, so it is a great place to sketch.

I took the photo below as I sat down to sketch, in case I didn’t finish it ( though I did). Plenty of watercolour, slopped on quickly.  So as you see it was already late in the day.

After an early morning battle with the lack of wifi, we were told that the technician was coming, so we gave up and went out. More gift shopping at the market. A birthday present to go to NZ, and a kimono for ME. My newest Bali kimono is ten years old. I had been bemoaning the fact that though there are lovely new sarong fabrics, none are being made into kimonos. Then I found one. Acid green with various pinks and oranges. It’s wild!

It was a very hot day so we had to have another pink drink at Oops, opposite the market.  Couldn’t decide about lunch and ended up at Kopi Bali House having another frozen moccachino and some calamari rings.  We then sprinted (for some reason unknown to me) up the Monkey Forest Road in the hot hot sun, back to the hotel. We then had to lay on our beds to cool down before we could get our bathing suits on and get in the pool.  Then sketch, followed by yummy cap cay at Cafe Wayan. Close to the hotel as were were not keen to repeat the sprint.


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Rumah kedua – back to Ubud

cendana_shrineSo here I am back in Ubud, my second home. My friend still has the dental problems and wants a quiet morning. So I head off up the Monkey Forest Road to check out Ubud Market. But first I run the gauntlet of the old friends and the drivers I have known.

For those who don’t know Bali, you might be getting confused by the names shortly. There are only four first names in Bali (on the whole) so one knows a whole lot of people with the same name. They are birth order names. First born is Wayan, second is Made (pron Marday) then Nyoman, and then Ketut. Child number five will be called Wayan and then you go round again.

I seem to know mostly Nyomans, and a few Mades. So I ran into the Made who calls me Mama (silly boy…though I have known him for almost 30 years) and another Made, a driver I met last visit. I have been emailing a lovely Nyoman who was our driver last time, became a friend and really touched our hearts. I wanted him to pick us up and bring us to Ubud. When I got no reply from the email, I texted, then called and got no reply. I had a bad feeling about that. I found out from his friend Made, that he has got sick and died of cancer in the eighteen months since my last visit. I am really sad about that.

So, off to the market. A look around and a tiny bit of shopping, then back for lunch with my friend. A heavenly mango mint smoothie and lumpia again at Dian Restaurant.

It was very hot and humid, so a long long swim and sketching by the pool. Out to dinner at Rai Pasti, just down the Monkey Forest Road.


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Urban Sketchers lunching and sketching

griya_lionMy first full day in Bali and a day alone…except that it wasn’t. Bali Urban Sketcher Peny Senyowati, very kindly gave up her lunch break to come and sketch with me.

I am running very late with blogging as my travelling companion had not been to Bali before and we have been out and about at all times. So now I am trying to catch up.

imagePeny and I had lunch in the restaurant of the hotel. Right on the beach. I ate lumpia, which are like huge spring rolls, but much more delicious. Peny had soup, which looked amazing. Peny and I met in 2013 when I came to Bali the last time. I went sketching with the Bali Urban Sketchers at the Museum of Bali.

Quite soon them rain came, but we moved to another table that proved to have an even better view of the statue I wanted to sketch. I want to sketch things that are a reminder of Bali, not just trees and flowers. Though, sketching every day, I must sometimes compromise. But I have sketched every day, I have.

NOTE: I badly need lipstick in this photo.


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Making travel journals with a friend

karens_booksI have been a bit slack about blogging recently. I have been making books more than sketching. These are two recent ones I made with a friend one rainy Sunday. She had looked at my travel sketchbooks a while ago, and although she doesn’t sketch, she decided she would love to have a book to keep all her souvenirs and to write.

karens_endpapersWe took a big plastic rubbish bag up to the art shop in the rain to keep the paper dry. We bought three sheets of Canaletto paper  which made two books.   I bound one and she bound the other.  One is for a previous trip that she has kept a lot of collage bits from, and the other is for her next trip.

She had quite a selection of papers to work with. The one that looks black is dark navy and has leafy bits in it. It has this beautiful marbled paper for the endpapers (inside the covers).

So now she is ready to roll with her travel journals.



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