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Callan Park

hydrant_2013_janA long time ago I spotted this place at Callan Park where there is a great variety of old fire hydrants on a quiet back street where there is even a parking bay. There seems to be an emergency services place on the main road nearby, because often I would see firemen hanging about. When I used to go swimming at Leichhardt Pool I used to drive past it all the time. Callan Park is a large area of parkland that goes right down to the harbour. It is dotted with buildings, mostly disused, that were once part of a mental asylum. It has a very active group of local residents who have so far prevented developers from moving in.

Some time ago I started this book of pipes only. I haven’t been out and about sketching them recently, but I have been locating them, and now I have finally made a start in putting them in the book. I have it in mind to put many many different pipes in there and overlay them like this sketch of the conglomeration of cranes, though without the background.

I only drew one before the sun drove me away. I need to go earlier in the morning, or wait till March or so, when the shadows are longer. Plenty more to sketch there though!


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