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Deus ex Macchina

yamaha Deus ex Macchina is a coffee shop I’ve been to a few times before, but not for a while. This morning we were casting round for somewhere different to sketch and I half remembered a motorbike inside the coffee shop, so we went to check it out. In fact there were three motorcycles in different places around the room. The cafe is attached to a motorcycle showroom and workshop, and it is also known for good coffee and good food. It’s a bit famous, and close to where I live. It is going to be a great winter venue for sketching/lunch, but today it was hot and we had a relaxing morning drinking coffee in the air con.

I hadn’t sketched a motorbike before and it’s not easy. They are such complex machines, and it is very necessary to simplify them, but the proportions need to be right and the bits need to connect up to one another in the right place. Aaagh.

This machine is a Yamaha Scorpio Mousetrap (don’t you love the name!) from 2007, and you can’t afford it. I chose the colour paper to sketch on because it was very similar to the colour of the paintwork.


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Berkelouw Books

On Sunday morning Alissa and I ended up in a relatively new coffee shop (well, I’ve only been once before), upstairs in Berkelouw Books in Newtown. We sketched the rooftops opposite. I used my green Copic Multiliner SP again, and just used some green watercolour for the tone of the buildings. I enhanced the terracotta chimney pots with some red to get that complementary thing happening, and after all, I guess they are the feature of the sketch.

I ate a very delicious muffin and drank English Breakfast tea. This is the last sketch in my sketchbook, except for another cat one to finish the last half of the very last page. Every Day in May is coming up fast. My new little sketchbook awaits.

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Hoochie Mamma again

On the day after the 2nd zoo trip, we met up in Hoochie Mamma’s to sketch. Love those orange cups. One of our sketching friends was delayed, so we had a walk around Newtown for a while till she called. We then dashed back to Hoochie’s again and the 2nd time I had one of their tall round caramel cakes and it was very yummy, but I didn’t sketch it. Have to have another one then, don’t I?

Since my first visit to Hoochie Mamma I’ve been back there a few times. My friend from the country was here at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (in the same street), first for tests, then for a major operation. I met them the day of the tests at Hoochie’s for lunch. By the time they went back to the country, my friend’s husband assured me that Hoochie’s had the best food around.


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Two red chairs

When I went to Chill Cafe to do this drawing, I didn’t have time to do their red chair. Earlier the same week I’d drawn a red chair at Cafe C. Chill’s red chair was different and I was determined to go back and draw that. As usual I was waiting for All Buttons Great & Small to open.

From where I was sitting I was able to see both the Chill red chair and another red chair the same as the one at Cafe C. Makes up for the boring white cups.

Last week’s hands-on workshop at the Balmain Library was a big success. I am still a bit hoarse from shouting over the chatter. There’s another one tomorrow at Leichhardt library. Should be just as much fun.

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Newtown Coffee Shops (4) Astino’s

I’ve been to this coffee shop many times but never noticed the black cups before – till I came to draw them.  I like this coffee shop anyway, so coloured cups is another big tick for them. The almond friand was delicious too.

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Sketching Newtown Coffee Shops (3) -Hoochie Mamma

Coloured cups! Hallelujah. I struck gold at Hoochie Mamma. It’s next to the big medical centre at the corner of Missenden Rd and Carillon Avenue. It’s a modern building – a large coffee shop. I’d been past it many times. From now on I’ll be going IN. The cups were a beautiful tawny orange, the coffee was great, and the caramel slice (made by Hoochie Mamma) was to die for. I had bypassed two other coffee shops as having white cups and visually uninteresting food. This was my last chance before the medical centre. At Hoochie Mamma, there’s a vast choice of things that look so yummy but will be great to draw. I had given myself a special dispensation for chocolate because of having an appointment at the medical centre. Now that’s carved in stone that I can eat what I want at Hoochie Mamma if I have to go there again.


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